Create Your Space

Would you like an amazing outdoor space?
Would you like to create an area that people will remember and envy, with that little something different?
That’s the Holy Grail, right?
…Are you ready?

About Us

The Tale of Makin Concrete Products

A story of mystery, frustration and fairly priced concrete.

It all Started:

Back in 2015 after waiting a whole 4 days in Queensland for a truck load to get me back home to Victoria.  I decided to make a lifestyle change, that wouldn’t take me away from my family.  No clue where to start, the search began.

The Search:

Scanning the internet for ideas, as I’m a bloke of many talents, I finally stumbled across two possible business opportunities, one being retail bicycles the other a Concrete Manufacturing Plant.  I didn’t think lycra would suit my current look, so I opted for the concrete business opportunity.

The birth of Makin Concrete Products:

Purchasing Lone Pine Concrete Textures & Pavers back in September 2015 we found a lot of the moulds and equipment run down, the products not up to our standard.  With much time, effort and perseverance, we have successfully improved the products, increasing sales and customer relations.  With improved products we have now chosen to re-brand, giving birth to ‘Makin Concrete Products’.

Our Goal:

Ensure product quality, customer service, and make a buck or two. 

We’re honest, hard working and willing to go the extra mile.

So come see us!!

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